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Tim has successfully litigated claims in both state and federal court at both the trial and appellate levels. He has served as a lecturer for the State Bar of Texas and Texas law schools on topics ranging from jury selection and jury submission to insurance bad faith and damages.

About Tim

Tim Chovanec has been representing Texas clients for over forty years. He is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law (since 1986) and Personal Injury Trial Law (since 1986).

Tim's Thoughts

Importance of Jury Service

Two unhappy jurors wrote recent letters to the editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram complaining that they hated jury duty.

This honorable history

doesn’t mean that we should blame jurors for feeling put upon when they are called to jury service. All citizens with jobs and families are too busy in this life, and jury service is undoubtedly inconvenient.

Texas Supreme Court Cases

The history of the right to trial by jury in America pre-dates the founding of the United States. It was the only protection of both

Alexis de Toqueville

the habit of discussing public affairs to a multitude of persons. It teaches the people to take a hand in its own affairs, and to regard as its business all the interests of society.

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